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Ethnic Recipe and Meal Ideas
This site is designed to help you if you are looking for ethnic recipes or meal ideas from around the globe. You can search for a recipe (using the search box on the right) or use the drop down menus at the top of the page which include region, country, base ingredient or "pot luck"

Sweets and puddings Recipe and Meal Ideas
Sweets and Puddings Food and Drink Ideas
Sweets and Cakes Recipe

Sweets, puddings, afters, call them what you like but they are often tasty and delightful affairs. This is a collection of sweet or pudding recipes which should certainly live up to the delightful tag. The recipes come from mainly the United Kingdom, focusing on Scotland and England. Ironically of course, we start with one from Wales.

Aberffraw Cake/ Biscuits
Abernethy Biscuits (Scotland)
Almond Pudding
Almond Shortbread
Apple & Bramble Crumble Recipe
Apple & Poppyseed Cake
Apple Gingerbread Recipe
Apple Pudding Recipe
Apricot Bakewell Tart
Autumn Pudding Recipe
Bakewell Pudding
Banana Cake Pudding
Bannoffee Choux Ring
Barm Brack (Cake)
Batchelors Pudding
Berry Shortcake
Black Bun
Black Cap Sponge
Blackberry Roll
Boiled Cake
Border tart
Brandy wafers
Bread and Butter Pudding
Brown Pudding
Butterscotch Biscuits (Cookie)
Butterscotch Candy
Butterscotch Ice Cream
Butterscotch Meringue Pie (Cake)
Butterscotch Shortbread (Cake)
Caramel Shortbread (Cookie/Biscuit)
Carrot Cake (Scotland)
Cherry Almond Pie
Chocolate Refrigerator cake
Chocolate and Chestnut Torte
Chocolate and Coconut Blondies
Citrus Surprise
Clootie Dumpling
Coconut Cany Fingers
Crumpets (Scotland)
Currant Bread (Wales)
Custard Tarts
Date and Honey Flapjacks
Date and Nut Pudding
Empire Biscuits
Fig Pudding
Fruit Harvest Pudding
Ginger Flapjacks (Scotland)
Glastonbury Pudding
Griddle scones (Scotland)
Honey Cake (Scotland)
Honey & Orange Tea Loaf (Cake)
Honey Pudding
Honey & Whisky Cake (Scotland)
Hot Cross Buns
Irish Oatcakes
Lemon Chester Pudding
Lemon Pudding
Lemon Tarts
Mandarin Gateaux
Marmalade Cake
Marmalade Ring Cake
Marmalade and Ginger Slice Recipe
Mint Gateaux
Oatmeal Crumbles Biscuits (Scotland)
Oatmeal Gingerbread (Scotland)
Orange Pancakes
Pan au Chocolat
Pear and Ginger Upside Down Cake
Pear Cheesecake
Peanut and Raisin Cookies
Pippin Apple Pie
Plum Crumble Pudding
Plum Pudding (Scotland)
Plum Tart
Profiteroles and apricot Sauce
Pumpkin Pie
Queens Tart (Scotland)
Raisin Muffins
Raisin Roly Poly
Raspberry and Whisky Cheescake
Raspberry and Redcurrant Fruit Roll
Rhubarb and Orange Crumble
Shortbread (Scotland)
Second Shortbread Recipe
Tablet (Scotland - Sweet)
Tantallon Cakes (Scotland - Sweet)
Treacle scones (Scotland - Sweet)
Treacle and Marmalade Tart (Scotland - Sweet)
Treacle Toffee (Wales)
Vanilla Cake (Scotland)
Victorian Pudding (Scotland)
Welsh Cake (Wales - Sweet)
Welsh Gingerbread (Wales - Sweet)
Whisky and Chocolate Crunch (Scotland - Sweet)
Whisky Fudge (Scotland)
Yellow Man Toffee
Zabaglione with almond biscuits

New Recipes:

Almond Cookies
Apple Cake
Apple Caramel
Apple Tart
Baked Jell Apples
Banana Flambé
Banana Pastry
Black Forest Crumpet
Butter Cream Cake
Butter Twists
Cake Bread
Cheese Cake
Chestnut Pudding
Chocolate Cake
Green Tea Icecream
Khao Niau Muul
Klepon Cake
Lemon Jelly Apples
Orange Cookies
Orange Popsicle
Pandan Cake
Peaches with Pepper
Roasted Apples
Sheet Cake
Sweet Chestnuts
Sweet Potato Cake
Tvorog with Walnuts
Walnut Pudding

As with all recipes which involve cooking and baking a sensible approach must be taken especially when dealing with warm or hot (temperature) ingredients. If you are unable to take due care, please do not attempt to make any of these recipes. All recipes are tried at your own risk.

For US to UK equivalents for food weights and measurements see this rough guide

Whilst these recipes may be freely used they may NOT be reproduced in any format (for example -electronic or paper based) without the website owners PRIOR agreement.