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Ethnic Recipe and Meal Ideas
This site is designed to help you if you are looking for ethnic recipes or meal ideas from around the globe. You can search for a recipe (using the search box on the right) or use the drop down menus at the top of the page which include region, country, base ingredient or "pot luck"

This is a collection of fish dishes and fish recipes. Many of these menu ideas are traditional to the countries concerned but use fish which can either be obtained in other countries or have a suitable subsitute.
Baked Mackerel
Baked Herring inTomatoe Sauce
Salmon (Baked)
Cabbie Claw (Cod, Scotland)
Carageen Pudding
Cheesy Angels
Cod & Cockles
Cod in Egg sauce
Cullen Skink (soup)
(Creamy seafood) Curry
Fish Brose (Scotland-Fish)
Fish Cakes
Fish Kebab with Lime Marinade
Fish Kettle
(easy) Fish Pie
Fish sausages (Patties)
Ham & Haddock
Herring and Oatmeal
Kedgeree (Curried) Recipe
(Marinated) Kippers Recipe
Lemon Mussels Recipe
Mussel Brose
Partan Bree (Crab soup)
Partan Pie (Crab Pie)
Potatoe and Fish
Potted Herrings
Potted Shrimp
Prawns in whisky cream (Scotland)
"Rumbled" Smoked Salmon (Scotland)
Salmon Steaks with basil
Smoked Salmon Salad (Scotland)
Scallop Stew (Scotland)
(Creamy) Smoked Haddock
Smoked mackerel pate
Smoked Trout pate
Smoked Salmon and haddock (Scotland- Fish)
Smoked Salmon Tart
Trout & Bacon Recipe
Trout in Creme Fraiche
(Scotch) Woodcock (Anchovy Fillets)