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Scottish Recipes - Haggis balls with a mustard whisky sauce

This is a recipe which uses three of scotlands main (traditional) cooking ingredients, namely haggis, whisky and home grown mustard. Whilst the recipe willwork with local produce, try where possible to get authentic ingredients.

Haggis Balls with whisky and mustard sauce

1 cup beer
1 cup flour
1 haggis
seasoning -salt/pepper and a little paprika (mainly for colour)
1 tablespoon whisky
oil for frying
mustard (arran grain if possible)
a little cream or thick milk

Mix the beer, the flour a little black pepper and paprika to make a light batter. Form the haggis into balls the approximate size of small walnuts.

Place oil into a heavy pan or wok and heat (a deep fat fryer MAY do the job). When the oil is hot, roll haggis balls one by one in the batter until fully coated and drop into the hot oil.(be careful as they may "spit".

Cook until the batter is golden brown and remove with draining spoon and place on on kitchen paper or paper towels. Mix the whisky, milk (or cream) and mustard in a little bowl to make a thin dipping or pouring sauce according to taste. Either pour sauce lightly over the haggis or serve haggis balls on a platter with the dipping sauce bowl in the middle.

This dish will serve a variety of number of people depending on amount of haggis used

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