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Latest News from Scotland:

News from Scotland

BBC Scotland
This is by far the most informative site of all the news sites. It's content can change hourly dependant on breaking news with audio and video links.

Scotland Today
This is a very comprehensive site, which is unsurprising considering it is the main rival to the BBC (especially in early evening news). It's content appears to change regularly dependant on breaking news.

Dundee Courier
This is another daily newspaper but in its printed form is more of a regional paper. It will still carry national news but it's focus is on a north east geographical area.

Herald Newspaper
In it's printed format this site falls into the category of a broadsheet, which is the most respected type of paper for newsgathering and informed editorial. Must read is the diary section.

Independent Television News
This is the major competitor to the B.B.C. in terms of terrestrial television. Similarly to the B.B.C. it is a well-respected news gathering organisation but has a (VERY) slightly more lightweight look at the news.

Press and Journal
The press and journal is an Aberdeen based daily. It's main focus is on the far North east of Scotland but similarly to the Courier it also has national news.

In it's printed form a tabloid newspaper although not as bad as some. Tabloids generally are treated with a certain degree of contempt in the U.K but often have a more in depth section for sport.

The Scotsman
The Scotsman falls into the same category as the Herald of being a broadsheet. The main difference between the two is that in it's published form, the Scotsman is very much an East Coast newspaper.

Scottish & Universal
This isn't so much an individual newspaper as a group of newspaper's who are owned by the parent company S.U.N..

Scotlands News
The Scottish governments news site, which covers a wide variety of topics.

Sky News
This is the site of the major competitor of the above two sites, but is a satellite based television organisation. More of a U.K. site than purely Scotland.