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Scottish Humour

Scottish humour and jokes can at times be a bit strange. Much of the ethnic Scottish jokes on the Web concentrates on the stereotypes of bagpipes and the Scot who is careful with his money. However, some of the sites below manage to go beyond these stereotypes.

Tommy Mackay used to run the site at His new site contains off the wall humour and very Scottish

Francie's Home Page

Scottish humour - especially Glaswegian-style. Trust me this is written in English.

A page on Hameildaemi has a series of pages on subjects such as "Scotland for the uninitiated" and "The Philosophy of Yir Grannie" in broad Scots. hameildaemi- Hame (home) il (will) dae (do) mi (me)- its easy once you know how.

A collection of pages and sites on the Scotland vacations website:
Scottish Jokes and Scottish Humour have further selections and elsewhere there is another Scotland Humor site.

Big Page of Bagpipe Humour The title should say it all!

Chic Murray

A great collection of classic one liners from the man, many regard, as scotland's greatest comedian.

Daily Recklessanother collection of madcap mayhem from former guide Tommy Mackay

Lobey Dosser by Bud Neil

Cartoon character Lobey Dosser, his arch enemy Rank Badjin and other cast members ride across the Internet instead of the Glasgow Evening Times. The animated Gif files as well as the cartoon strips themselves provide the unique flavour of a well loved Scottish institution. There is also a short biography of Bud Neil the cartoonist who created Lobey.