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Scottish Accomodation

Accommodation is Scotland is as wide and varied as the country itself. Whether you are looking for "cheap and cheerful", good family scottish accommodation or the special something, then Scotland is likely to provide it. One recommendation I would make is to read the advice article first. Arriving in a strange country you will often find terms used which may be unfamiliar even if you understand the country. The article tries to explain the most common used terms in respect of Scottish Accommodation and accomodation in Scotland.

Not included on the below list is timeshare, which is a very popular type of Scottish Accommodation. For instance the Hilton Coylumbridge is a beautiful timeshare resort located in the midst of Cairngorm National Park and is one of scotland's premier venues. This resort boasts Nordic architecture and a hydrotherapy pool. Timeshare is very cost effective and can be rented or purchased through reputable agencies and is good family acomodation.

As is common with most travel websites, I have tried to split the different types of accommodation into sectors. Clearly there will be some overlap and in this respect, Scotland is no different.

General Advice article concerning ALL accommodation types

Bed and Breakfast


Hotels (Independent)

Hotels (Chains)

Exclusive and Expensive

Self Catering

Scottish Holidays - A Travel Guide to Holidays in Scotland