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Archaeology Sites across Scotland

Archaeology is a subject which some may find dull and boring but, as those who watch the Channel 4 programme Time Team will testify, that is often not the case. Archaeology in Scotland covers sites which go back to the days before recorded history when the standing stones, stone circles and megalithic burial chambers were being constructed, through the Roman occupation to mediaeval times. Often the sites are easily accessible and within major tourist areas.

    Dark Isle This is without doubt my own personal favourite.

    Archaeology in Scotland

    This is a review of archaeology in Scotland by the University of Glasgow and contains articles on the significance of Celtic Coinage and excavations and surveys at Strome Castle, Wester Ross and Caulfields Military Way.

    Newstead Archaeology Project

    This site is dedicated to a project which is investigating the region surrounding the Roman Fort of Trimontium near Newstead, on the River Tweed. The Archaeological site has produced an outstanding collection of Roman artefacts, from humble wooden tent pegs to highly decorated military parade helmets.

    The Scottish section of Roman Military Sites in Britain provides brief details of lots of locations, together with ideas to bring the archaeology to life.

    The search for the Blessing of Burntisland the King Charles I shipwreck off Burntisland and the sunken treasure trove has been described as "Britain's Tutankhamun". The site gives regular updates on the progress of the search.

    There is a Web site illustrating the well preserved sections of the Roman remains of the Antonine Wall at Hillfoot Cemetery and the Roman Fort and Bathhouse in Bearsden, on the outskirts of Glasgow.