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Scottish Recipes - Claggum

This is a Scottish recipe for claggum. Sometimes it was known as "teasing candy" it was very popular around the time of hogmanay. It is a very simple recipe and MAY be suitable for younger adults to make IF THEY ARE SUPERVISED


2 Teacups of Black Treacle
1 teacup cold water

Put the treacle and water into a heavy pan and warm gently over a low heat. Then boil the mixture quickly until if a small amount is removed and dropped into cold water then it will form a soft ball.

Pour the warm mixture into a shallow tin and allow to cool enough that you are able to handle it comfortably. When this si the case, pull out all the toffee with hands which have been lightly dusted with flour or icing sugar.

Twist the mixture into long sticks and allow to cool until firm.

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