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Scottish Recipes - Caledonian Cream Pudding

This is a recipe for a sweet pudding recipe. I have heard it called by a few different names, but most commonly simply "Caledonian Cream". It is a refreshing dessert which uses marmalade to give it a slight "tart" taste. Marmalade is quite a popular ingredient in Scottish cooking/baking and it is believed was invented in the Scottish Town (City) of Dundee.

Ingredients for the cream:
4 or 5oz cream cheese
2 tablespoons brandy or rum
2 teaspoons lemon juice
4 fluid ounces double cream (about half a cup)
1 tablespoon marmalade - bitter is better to give it a distinctive "tart" taste
Sugar to taste

Ingredients to be used for base/ bed for the above:
4 oranges, segmented with the pith removed

Blend all the ingredients for the cream in a liquidiser till smooth. Place the oranges in four long-stemmed glasses. These can be "marinaded" by adding a teaspoon of brandy (or rum) to these. Add the cream mixture on top. Garnish with some orange zest ( having pre-boiled for a few minutes in water to reduce the bitterness) or a sprig of mint. Chill the dish and serve chilled.

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