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Scottish Recipes - Atholl Brose

There are a number of variations in making this Scottish drink which have been handed down over many generations. Its origins are misted in the usual foklore associated with these types of dishes and drinks. This recipe is taken from the traditional Atholl Brose recipe made public by the Duke of Atholl some years ago.

2 tablespoons heather honey
Scotch whisky
3 rounded tablespoons of medium oatmeal

The oatmeal is prepared by putting it into a basin and mixing with cold water until the consistency is that of a thick paste. Leave for half an hour and then put through a fine strainer, pressing down with a wooden spoon to extract as much liquid as possible. Throw away the oatmeal which si left in the strainer and use the creamy liquor from the oatmeal for the brose.

Then mix four dessert spoonfuls of pure honey and four sherry glassfuls of the prepared oatmeal and stir well. Put into a quart bottle and fill with malt whisky; shake before serving.

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