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Review of the Traditional Scottish Hogmanay Festival

Scotland is, quite rightly, famed around the world for it's Hogmanay (New Years Eve) celebrations. The celebrations are certainly varied with most of the big towns and cities, such as Edinburgh providing some form of entertainment. The smaller towns and villages also play their part with, for example, the residents and visitors to Stonehaven,the little fishing town 16 miles south of Aberdeen, lighting up the sky (literally) with colour and fire as the Ancient Fireballs Ceremony ignites at midnight.

So many choices then and this is reflected in the accomodation which is also on offer. Do you want the smaller, intimate and romantic Highland Lodge or do you want to stay close to "the action" in one of the large towns. Whatever your choice I would certainly recommend that you have a look at the Scottish Tourist Board Site

If you are looking for a few suggestions what about Edinburgh, Historical Stirling (and the nearby Trossachs) as well as Glasgow, which I would suggest are the best of the towns and cities. In the Highlands and Islands you're spoilt for choice, but my own favourites include: Isle of Skye and the Isle of Arran, but the list could go on.

Edinburgh is one of Europes great cities, whilst the Highlands and Islands will offer some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery in Europe. Both of these aspects will probably influence your choice as to which option takes "your fancy" more than the other.

Another consideration is that Hogmanay is only one day (well night if we are going to be precise) and if your holiday is a little longer, then consider what else is near or available especially in the Highland Region. Another important consideration is that the First and Second of January are public holidays in Scotland and whilst there should be shops and some restaurants open in the large towns and cities, you might not be so lucky in the smaller towns or villages.

The choice therefore is up to you, but no matter where you choose you should find a warm welcome in Scotland.