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Haunted hostels in Scotland

Scotland is known for its long history and its distinct music. It is a site of many wars and conflict and is believed as the home of many ghosts and mythical creatures. For many travelers, a visit to the country is not complete without a night at the haunted hostels in Scotland

Unlike other places, Scotland hostels include old castles in old villages, hence, the reason for its ghostly tales.

The Carbisdale Castle, located in the highlands of Scotland was built in the 1900s, and is relatively new, compared to all the other castles in the country. Its massive structure is enough frighten someone who has poor direction skills and its roaming the corridors can disorient a weary traveler. The empty halls of the castle have spun ghost legends and of which, the castle is known for. According to the story, a white lady was seen roaming the halls but is often found on the main staircase. Several guests have reported an uneasy feeling on the top floor and a lot of employees refuse to go there alone. Aside from that, there's a "spook room" which houses the old nursery. Carbisdale is one of the Scotland hostels which have become a favorite among backpackers. The sleeping quarters are segregated into male and female dorm style rooms. It is located within walking distance of the train station. The best thing about the castle is their great collection of paintings so if you are an art enthusiast, this the best place to go!

A long time ago, Big Angus spent a night on the bedroom at the top of the east tower of Castle Stuart and was found dead in the courtyard the next day. Until today, people are still wondering about the look of horror on his face and whether he jumped or was pushed. The owners of Castle are again challenging brave travelers to stay in this 17th century tower house with spiral stairs.

The Corgaff Castle is a 16th century tower house which is surrounded by a star shaped defense wall. It was the site of a feud between two families, the Forbes and the Gordon's. According to the legend, Margaret Campbell, wife of the Lairds did not want to vacate the area so the Gordon's set fire on the castle killing 26 women and children, including Margaret. There are several reports of ghostly scream emanating from the barrack room. It had been burned down several times and is now a property of the state.

The Frendraught Castle belonged to the Crichton family in the 17th century. Around the 1630s, a fire broke out in the now Scotland hostels, killing with it several members of the Gordon family, who was then residing with the Crichton's. Paranormal sightings includes Lady Elizabeth Gordon's ghost which appears on the stairs wearing a white dress. Also, the sounds of people arguing, footsteps going up and down the stairs, doors being opened and closed are being heard at night.

The Four Mile Inn is another Scotland hostels which is known for mischievous ghost of a former owner. According to reports, the bar staff hear footsteps coming from rooms which are locked from the outside. Also, barmen say that they found nothing when checking the room but the footsteps start again when they go downstairs.

The Dunnotar Castle is situated on the flat topped rock in the Mearns region. It has stunning views and wonderful sights but it is also the home of a young girl dressed in a green dress and is often seen next to the brewery. Aside from the girl, a tall Scandinavian ghost was also seen by several employees of the Scotland hostels entering the guardroom.