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Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre was designed to be Scotland's flagship Millennium Project. The visitor attraction is really "three in one" and is housed in three unique buildings at Pacific Quay on the River Clyde.

The G.S.C. is designed for a wide range of audiences from school parties (or young children on their own/with parents etc.) to a much more "mature" audience. It is also one of those infuriating attractions where every time you go back you notice something new, or someone who has also been will ask "what did you think of z" and you have to admit you never noticed it. I am not for one minute suggesting that it is badly laid out, but simply that there is so much to see and do that you certainly won't get bored quickly.

As the name suggests its main focus is on bringing science and technology to life through hundreds of interactive exhibits in the Science Mall and the unique (perhaps unnervingly so) experiences of the IMAX Theatre. It achieves this through numerous interactive exhibits and special shows. When we made our visit one of these special shows was the "Blood, Bile and Gory Bits" which having a young child with us, we thought perhaps we should give it a miss. Amazingly, having taken advice from the (very) good staff we decided we would risk it and what good fortune that was. Entertaining and informative. Much like the whole attraction really!

Unfortunately the Glasgow Tower is still closed (did it ever really open ?!?-it was closed for structural repairs within two weeks of opening) so that part cannot be reviewed and while it would have been nice to see the city from "the heights" it didn't really detract from the morning (going into the afternoon) out.

The big question of course is would I recommend a visit. Quite simply, don't let the name put you off - it certainly isn't just education, but a fun time to be had by all.

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