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culloden jacobites pictures photographs

This visitor attraction is in some respects a strange place to visit.
To all intents and purposes it is basically a field which has a few flags, cairns/stones and a small visitor centre containing artifacts from over two hundred and fifty years ago.

Yet, many who have visited remark on the eerie calm and distinctive atmosphere of the area which saw great carnage in a battle which lasted a surprisingly short time.

Culloden Moor was the scene of the last major battle on mainland Britain and took place between the Government troops, under the control of the Duke of Cumberland and the Jacobite army, under the control of "Bonnie Prince" Charlie. The battlefield is laid out as it would have been in the time of the battle, which was fought in 1746 and has been reconstructed to a certain degree, with the replacement of stone dykes and turf adding to the authenticity. One of the slightly strange reconstruction measures that is also being used are a flock of sheep who are "employed" to graze and help eradicate scrub in the long term.

In addition to the actual field itself with its marker flags, plinths and memorial cairns, the attraction also includes the original Leanach cottage which survived the battle and the visitor centre. The Leanach cottage is interesting to a certain degree in that you are standing inside a cottage, which whilst restored, was in existence at the time of the battle-living history if you like.The visitor centre is quite small and the displays contained within it are quite limited. In addition the visitor centre shows a regular information film about the battle and its aftermath and has "living history" presentations during the summer.

As a visitor, probably the most important aspect about the attraction is quite simply is it worth visiting? Well, unfortunately in my opinion it isn't. The visitor centre is too small and if you wanted you could literally see all the exhibits within it in fifteen minutes without really rushing. The cottage as stated earlier is of reasonable interest but is almost empty (see the picture gallery) and unless you have a good imagination when you look out over the moor all you will see is a big field with some flags and stones in it.

That said though I was equally unimpressed with Bannockburn and maybe it says more about my lack of imagination than problems with the attraction itself (you are free to discuss this on the forum). The attraction is popular and many appear to see it as some sort of pilgrimage if the number of wreaths laid at the clan memorial cairns were an indication.

However like all attractions it is a matter of personal interest and choice and whilst I didn't feel it was worth it perhaps you will

If you want to find out more then the attraction can be contacted at:
Culloden Moor
Telephone: 01463 790607 for opening hours

Culloden Picture Gallery