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Scotch Eggs Recipe and Meal Ideas
Scottish Eggs Food Drink and Picnic Ideas
Scotch Eggs Recipe

This is a simple recipe for making a traditional Scottish dish which is often used for a light snack at picnics or "buffet lunches". It can be served hot or cold.


1 large raw egg
3oz approx of dry breadcrumbs
5 hard boiled eggs, with shells removed
1lb sausage meat (try to get as best quality that you can afford)
Pinch of mace (the outer casing of the nutmeg-this is not an essential)
Some salt, freshly ground pepper
Small quantity of flour
1 tablespoon water


Dust the hard boiled eggs in a little flour then place aside.

Mix the mace (if available) with a pinch of salt and pepper into the sausage meat and divide into five equal portions. Place this mixture on a floured surface. Wrap/mould the sausage meat round the egg, making sure there are no gaps. If you can, try to roll into a ball shape-this will take a LOT of practice as you will probably squash/mash the eggs before getting it just right. This isn't essential

Beat the egg and water together and coat the meat-covered egg with this and then breadcrumbs (you may have to press the crumbs onto the meat). Deep fry in hot oil (360F/185C) taking care as you put the eggs into the oil as the oil may spurt. Cook for about 5/6 minutes until golden brown.
Drain and serve hot or allow to cool and keep in a refrigerator for a cold snack later.

As with all recipes which involve cooking and baking a sensible approach must be taken especially when dealing with warm or hot (temperature) ingredients. If you are unable to take due care, please do not attempt to make any of these recipes. All recipes are tried at your own risk.

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