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A.D. 350 to 794
Caledonia A.D.400-600
Caledonia A.D.600-800
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Turmoil and Trouble
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Beginning to A.D. 350
A.D. 794 to 1260
A.D. 1260 to
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A Timeline of Scottish History

Scotland has a long and intriguing history. This timeline chronicles the major events in Scotlands history starting at the birth of St. Ninian in A.D. 350. until the arrival of Scotlands first "tourists" (The Vikings)

A.D. 350 - St Ninian is born (it is believed that this date is accurate)
A.D 360 - Picts and Scots invade across Hadrians Wall
A.D. 378 - St Ninian travels to Rome
A.D. 407 - Roman Legions withdraw from the Island of Britain
A.D. 498 - The coming of the Scots
A.D. 597 - Death of St Columba
A.D. 728 - Civil war between the Picts
A.D. 794 - Viking attacks begin

Beginning to A.D. 350
Caledonia (A.D.400-600)
Caledonia (A.D.600-800)
Viking Raiders
Turmoil and Trouble

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