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A.D. 350 to 794
Caledonia A.D.400-600
Caledonia A.D.600-800
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Scotland between 600 and 800 A.D.

The early to mid part of the first millennium saw the growth in population fuelled by immigrant tribes from other areas of the world. By the middle of the sixth century the Picts in the Southeast faced a sterner foe in the aggressive New Kingdom of the Angles. This kingdom, known as Bernicia, was centred in Bamburgh and ranged from the River Tee to the River Forth. This however was not the only threat as other new kingdoms had been established further south.

As expected these tribes all struggled for supremacy and the sixth, seventh and eighth centuries followed a pattern of bloody struggles, wars and alliances (broken almost as quickly as made).

Eventually, the Pictish King Aengus, who fought his way to power in A.D. 731, united the various tribes (of sorts). Five years later he captured Dunadd, which at that time was the Royal centre of Dalriada and in A.D. 756 overran the North Briton stronghold of Dumbarton. From this time the unique political and cultural identity of the North Britons declined steadily. However, a new enemy was to appear who posed a great risk to all the tribes of the country.

The Norsemen were coming!!

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